Saturday, March 27, 2010

Malware distributed by most Ad-Serving Networks

Malware lurking in Ads that are delivered by ad-serving networks of Google, Yahoo, Fox, and others have been identified as “JS:Prontexi,” by Antivirus and Malware researchers at ALWIL Software, the Prague-based developers of Avast Antivirus. They said the Malware is usually spread through JavaScript code poisoned to infect advertising distributed by major ad-serving systems and other exploited applications.

The ALWIL team said the Malware exploits vulnerabilities in Java, Adobe Reader, Acrobat, QuickTime, and Flash and then launches fake antivirus warnings on victims’ computers.

The Malware does not require much interaction from computer users. According to Jiri Sejtko, a senior virus analyst at Avast, “Users can get their machines infected just by reading their favorite online newspapers or by doing searches on popular topics; computers can be infected after the infected ads are loaded by the web browser.”

The ALWIL team also said that some of the most popular ad delivery services have been the "most compromised," which include Yahoo's and Fox Audience Network's

For more information on JS:Prontexi Malware, read the Avast blog


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