Thursday, March 18, 2010

AntiMalware Defender’s Tricks Exposed

The use of scare-ware to promote fraudulent security software programs such as AntiMalware Defender is now a common trick used by cybercriminals to defraud computer users.

AntiMalware Defender is a scam-ware engineered by cybercriminals to be distributed by means of a fake windows update installation alert. If installed, the victim’s computer is bombarded with pop-ups and will eventually be infected with spyware.

AntiMalware Defender is a Rogue Anti-Spyware program that not only destabilizes the infected computer but keeps track of the victim’s web browsing habits. The information obtained from the victim’s machine is sent to the remote servers of these cybercriminals who will immediately launch series of false pop-up notifications stating that the victim’s computer is infected with spyware.

The effects of Antimalware Defender on the infected computer could be significant if left unresolved. In most cases, the victim’s homepage is hijacked and redirected to unknown websites; firewall and anti-virus program are disabled; unusual computer slowness and much more.

If your computer has already been infected with AntiMalware Defender, get rid of it right away as failure to do so will result in getting your system disabled by this rogue anti-spyware. Please do not purchase AntiMalware Defender as it will not protect your computer in any way shape or form.

If your computer has not been infected with AntiMalware Defender, avoidance is the best strategy to staying safe from this bogus software! When visiting websites, be careful on what you click on, especially ‘executable’ (.exe) files. Most rogue-ware will automatically launch installer-scripts when either an image or an executable file is clicked on.

For more information on AntiMalware Defender, read the article [Computer Weekly]


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