Wednesday, December 9, 2009

How to avoid Antivirus System PRO and other Fake Rogue Anti-Spyware

Antivirus System PRO is another rogue anti-spyware program that disguises as a genuine antivirus program. Once installed, this software is designed to automatically run false scans and display false security alerts, pop-ups, which disrupt the end-user’s normal computer-browsing experience.

If your computer has already been infected with Antivirus System Pro, get rid of it right away as failure to do so will result in getting your system disabled by this rogue anti-spyware. Furthermore, it will hijack and redirect your Internet Explorer or whatever web browser you are using, in order to have you purchase the program with your credit card. Please do not purchase this program as it will not protect your computer in any way shape or form.

If your computer has not been infected with Antivirus System Pro, avoidance is the best strategy to staying safe from this bogus software! When visiting websites, be careful on what you click on, especially ‘executable’ (.exe) files. Most rogue-ware will automatically launch installer-scripts when either an image or an executable file is clicked on. Once the software is installed onto your computer, it installs multiple instances of Trojans and Malware, such as Trojan.FakeAlert, that generates the alerts, Trojan.Downloader, Rogue.Installer, Fake.Beep.Sys, Disabled.SecurityCenter, Malware.Trace, etc. At this juncture, you will need remote virus removal, expert assistance to fix your computer.

Listed below are some of the most common rogue antispyware variants we have safely removed from end-users’ computer systems:

• Braviax
• Alpha Antivirus
• Green AV
• Windows Protection Suite
• System Security, Total Security 2009
• Windows System Suite
• Personal Antivirus
• Anti-Virus-1,
• Spyware Guard 2008 and 2009
• System Guard 2009,
• Antivirus Pro, Antivirus XP Pro, Antivirus 2007, 2008, 2009, Antivirus 2010, and 360.
• Ultimate Antivirus2008
• Vista Antivirus
• General Antivirus
• Vitae Antivirus
• Windows Antivirus
• Win Antivirus
• Internet Antivirus Plus
• System Antivirus
• Spyware Protect 2009
• Winweb Security 2008
• Malware Defender 2009
• AntiSpywareMaster
• Antispyware 2008
• XP AntiSpyware 2008 and 2009
• WinPCDefender

Don’t hesitate to Call the technical support experts at right away if you suspect that your computer has one of the above-listed variants, or if you simply need to implement the best real time protection on your computer.


Adachi Computech Solutions is your one-stop and one-click solution to remote virus removal, online spyware removal, remote computer repair, online computer support. We specialize in correcting issues that affect your computer speed and overall system performance. Our certified technicians perform these services remotely, securely, and in real-time!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

How to obtain a FREE Windows 7 Upgrade Copy for your Vista Computer

Earlier this year, Microsoft did announce a Windows 7 Upgrade Option Program which was designed to enable both consumers and small businesses who purchased a qualifying Windows Vista PC or Windows Vista retail license on or after June 26, 2009to obtain an upgrade license to the appropriate Windows 7 operating system for FREE.

This blog post is intended to keep you informed on how you can obtain a FREE Windows 7 Upgrade copy, provided you purchased your Windows Vista PC or Windows Vista retail license on or after June 26, 2009. More importantly, you must qualify for the Windows 7 Upgrade Option Program.

There are two ways by which you can qualify for the Windows 7 Upgrade Option Program: The purchase of a retail copy of Windows Vista operating system and/or the purchase of a qualifying PC from a participating computer manufacturer.

The purchase of a retail copy of Windows Vista:

If you purchased just the retail copy of Windows Vista Home Premium, Business, or Ultimate without a new computer, you are eligible to order your copy of Windows 7 Upgrade version directly from Microsoft website, which is available by clicking on this link here. You will be asked to provide your Windows Vista key! Just follow the instructions as presented to you.

The purchase of a qualifying PC from a participating computer manufacturer:

If you purchased a qualifying computer system that came preinstalled with a Microsoft Windows Vista operating system from a PC manufacturer that has chosen to participate in the Windows 7 Upgrade Option Program, you may have received the form needed to order your FREE upgrade copy of Windows 7 operating system. The upgrade fulfillment method may vary by PC manufacturer. Simply look for the form with redemption details in the packaging that came with your computer and fill in the form in its entirety, and then follow the steps to ordering your upgrade copy of Windows 7. However, if you purchased a qualifying PC and can not find out how to obtain the upgrade copy of Windows 7, please check on the PC manufacturer’s website to see if your PC is part of the Upgrade Option Program. If so, you should follow the PC manufacturer’s directions for obtaining your Upgrade.

The Microsoft Windows 7 Upgrade Option Program Offer Form is similar to the example below:

So, lookout for the upgrade form that came with your computer because you will be required to enter the applicable Microsoft offer form code when you are ready to order.

In conclusion, it is important to state that the Windows 7 Upgrade Option Program is valid only from June 26, 2009 to January 31, 2010. For more information, please checkout Also, you might be interested in finding out whether your PC is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7. You can do so by seeking help from a reliable remote computer support provider!


Adachi Computech Solutions provides immediate online professional support from the best remote computer support experts available nationwide in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. You can follow us on Twitter

Monday, October 12, 2009

Remote Computer Repair and Support | by Mike Lee |

In today's fast-paced computing world, remote computer support has changed the way customers avail their computers for repair and support. Remote computer repair experts are now equipped to troubleshoot; repair, and support customers' computers and connected devices hands-free over secure high-speed Internet connection such as DSL and Cable. This eliminates the inconvenience of disconnecting and hauling their computers to repair shops.

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Remote Computer Repair and Support | by Mike Lee |

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Alpha Antivirus-How to Remove Alpha Antivirus

Has your computer been infected lately with Alpha Antivirus?

This post is intended to reveal some practical tips-and-tricks on Alpha Antivirus Removal. Please use this guide to isolate and remove Alpha Antivirus and its associated files and/or folders.

Alpha Antivirus is another rogue security program that takes advantage of unprotected computer systems by disguising as a genuine antivirus program. It is designed to automatically run false scans and display false security alerts that mislead computer users into purchasing the registered version of this bogus program.

Too many non-techie computer users don’t run antivirus and antispyware suite that give real-time protection, due largely to ignorance or are just completely frustrated by pricey and resource-hungry commercial security programs that are out there in the market.

Once your computer is infected with Alpha Antivirus, this bogus software deliberately displays fake security alerts and reports false system security threats to trick you into thinking your computer is infected with spyware, adware, Trojans or other malicious programs.

Generally, the infection of Alpha Antivirus on computer systems is through the use of fake online anti-virus or anti-spyware scanners. Also, it could be by visiting and downloading free software from malicious code generating websites.
If your computer is infected, remove Alpha Antivirus immediately along with its associated Trojan, malicious files and registry entries using these generally recommended steps:

• Detect and Remove Alpha Antivirus Processes files
• Use Windows File Search Function to locate and delete Alpha Antivirus directory path
• Use Command Prompt to unregister Alpha Antivirus DLL files
• Use Windows Task Manager to delete Alpha Antivirus Processes
• Apply Deep Registry Cleaning to remove Alpha Antivirus Registry values


Adachi Computech Solutions is your one-stop and one-click solution to remote virus removal, online spyware removal, remote computer repair, online computer support. We specialize in correcting issues that affect your computer’s speed and overall system performance. Our certified technicians perform these services remotely, securely, and in real-time!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Remote Virus Removal – Practical Tips and Tricks On Virus Removal |

Today’s computers are supposed to be super-fast, but as they are being used to accomplish the day-to-day activities, especially if they are connected to the Internet, over time their speed begin to degrade often due to virus-spyware infections. In this premier part of the “Practical Tips and Tricks On Virus Removal,” this article is intended to reveal some general symptoms of virus-spyware infected computer.

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Remote Virus Removal – Practical Tips and Tricks On Virus Removal |

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Remote Computer Support – A New Standard of Computer Repair

In today’s computing world, remote computer support is gaining popularity and undoubtedly, it is here to stay. It is now proven to be the new standard of computer repair for such systems as desktops, notebooks, servers, and connected devices.

The complexity and sophistication of today’s technology have finally advanced the way computer service and support are delivered to end-users. Gone are the days whereby if your computer experienced technical issues, you would disconnect it and haul it over to a repair shop down the street where you would be promised to return for a pickup in about 48 to 72 hours, assuming no hardware replacement was needed. But today, that same computer issues can be resolved in about 1 to 3 hours or less via remote computer support accessible 24x7. You no longer need to haul your computer over to a repair shop, rather, computer repair comes to you. That’s the “beauty” of today’s technology that you and I are privileged to experience!

Remote Computer Support providers can help you troubleshoot and fix your computer problems such as software errors, blue screen of death, boot up errors, slow computers, slow internet connection, system crashes, outdated device drivers, low virtual memory notifications, virus-spyware issues, web browser related issues, browser hijacks, and much more. Also, they can assist with wireless network setup and support, pc tune-up, computer optimization, online data backup, e-mail setup and support, expert software install, virus-spyware removal, windows 7 upgrade advisement, Microsoft windows and office support.

How Remote Computer Support Works!
• You Call the AdachiCompuTech support center via toll free 1.866.607.2321
• Your assigned support expert will Connect to your computer via secure internet access
• Your support expert will complete the Service and ensure that your computer is working well again

About the Author:

Darcy Aniegbuna is a technical support expert with AdachiCompuTech.
AdachiCompuTech provides remote computer support, Online PC Help, onsite computer repair, remote virus removal, online spyware removal, and gives you an instant access to a network of certified technicians available nationwide in US, Canada, UK, and Australia.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beware of a Rogue called PC Security 2009

Is your computer infected with PC Security 2009?

Below is a known fact about this rogue program and the damage it can cause to your computer – Happy reading!

PC Security 2009 is a rogue anti-spyware program that may be secretly installed onto your computer through the Trojan horse known as Trojan-Downloader.Braviax.

Once installed onto your system, PC Security 2009 will infect Windows Security Center and then displays lots of misleading popup messages on your monitor screen.
Generally, Windows Security Center helps to manage your windows security settings. Adachi Computech Solutions recommends you verify your security center to ensure the three security essentials are marked ON.

PC Security 2009 can initiate system scans that return various misleading results. Knowing when your computer is infected with PC Security 2009 is critical because it may enable you to determine the best course of action at the most appropriate time, whether you choose to isolate and remove PC Security 2009 from your system by yourself as most advanced computer users do or you seek the services of Certified Computer Technicians, who can connect to your computer remotely in less than sixty seconds via a high-speed internet to remove the rogue infections for you. However, if left unresolved, PC Security 2009 may cause serious damage to your system. In most cases, it disables and locks up key administrative tools of your computer system such as; “Add/Remove Programs” utility; “System Restore Points;” “System Registry;” “Windows Updates;” “Security Patches;” and much more! At this stage of infection, PC Security 2009 may become very difficult to detect and remove.

Listed below are some generally recommended steps to removing PC Security 2009:
• Detect and Remove PC Security 2009 Processes files
• Use Windows File Search Function to locate and delete PC Security 2009 directory path
• Use Command Prompt to unregister PC Security 2009 DLL files
• Use Windows Task Manager to delete PC Security 2009 Processes
• Apply Deep Registry Cleaning to remove PC Security 2009 Registry values

In conclusion, Internet security suites, coupled with proactive and integrated PC tools from a reliable Technical Support Solutions provider offer important tools to keep your computers free of security threats.

Blog Disclaimer:

The aim of this posting is to educate readers and computer users on how to safely detect and remove spyware, viruses, malware, Trojans, adware, worms, and other Internet threats off their computer systems. Any information provided herein is “as is” for reference and educational purpose only.


Adachi Computech Solutions gives you immediate access to remote virus removal, online spyware removal, remote computer support, and highly qualified online support experts.

Monday, July 13, 2009 is looking for Affiliate Partners to work with!

Do you have a website, blog, an email newsletter list or ezine? If your answer is yes, then here is an easy way to monetize your investment!!

We realize that many of our members are looking for ways to generate additional income. If you are looking for ways to increase your revenue, we have a very good opportunity for you.

You can now earn steady commissions with your website, email newsletter list or contact list, blog, by promoting several different technical services.

The AdachiCompuTech Affiliate Program is for individuals and companies that are highly interested in earning steady commissions by using their websites, web-logs, e-mail newsletter distribution lists, e-zines, Google ads, and other electronic marketing media to offer their subscribers or visitors the AdachiCompuTech Instant Remote Online and Live Telephone Technical Support Services.

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Join the’s Nationwide On-Site Technical Team

Are you or someone you know a technician interested in becoming a member of’s nationwide onsite computer support experts? Account Managers will contact you whenever there’s a field service call in your local service area! is a full-fledge Information Technology services website dedicated to providing our clients with computer repair, service, training, and support. Depending on the nature of the computer problems and the type of services requested by our clients, we offer online computer support via remote access connectivity and/or dispatch local technicians nationwide to provide onsite (in-home, in-office, in-store) visitations.

To register with us, you simply create a free online profile by filling-out the New Technician Registration to provide your contact information, availability, desired hourly rate per job request, your preferred service area(s), skill sets, and accomplishments. Upon approval, you will receive a ‘welcome to’ email notification. You can now access your profile using your email address and password you created during registration. When we receive a New Service Request from our clients, we match your skill sets and availability with the needs and requirements of the client and then we notify you via telephone and/or email as the job becomes available.

For further questions regarding the’s Nationwide Onsite Computer Support Team and how you will benefit from it, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page or register here to get started!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009 launches PC Tech Support Subscriptions for Home, Home-Office, and Small Business

Delivering Comprehensive PC Tech Support Services that make owning and maintaining technology really pain-free!

Edison, New Jersey (PRWEB) March 25, 2009 – The entire team at Adachi Computech Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of PC Tech Support Subscription plans at

The launch of these premium pc support plans makes owning and maintaining technology really pain-free. With plans starting at just $14.95/month per computer, you will have unlimited remote online instant tech support and toll free live telephone access to our qualified experts 24/7. With a 12-month support plan, you will get, in addition, unlimited online (automated) data backup, commercial grade anti-virus and anti-spyware software to help keep your computer free from virus, spyware, and other security threats.

Technical support services from AdachiCompuTech are delivered on-demand and take less than sixty (60) seconds to establish a connection with one of our technical support specialists. After the purchase of a support plan, your first service will commence immediately and takes 1-3 hours of thorough computer optimization and complete installation of online data backup program and anti-virus/spyware software.

With a PC tech support subscription plan from, you can now have all your computer and tech problems solved for one affordable monthly or annual price. For a detailed listing of our support plans, visit or call 1-866-607-2321.


Adachi Computech Solutions, Llc provides customized computer support for home, home office, and small business PC users nationwide in United States, United Kingdom and Canada. The online pc tech support services from are delivered by live technicians using secure screen sharing technology and integrated PC tools via the Internet (remote access). The Internet connection is firewall-friendly and uses 256-bits SSL-encryption sessions, which makes it safe to control and remotely fix the troubled computer while the customer watches and talks with the technician at the same time if the customer so chooses.

Monday, February 23, 2009

AdachiCompuTech re-launches its new Website

We sincerely wanted to express our gratitude to all of our clients, including first-time, repeat, and all of you that frequent and did take the time out of your busy schedules to drop a line or two about the improvement(s) you would like seen on the site. You spoke and we listened!

Now that we have updated and re-launched, we want to update you on the new changes you will see as you visit the site.

Registration / Login

You will notice that we have added a console for registration and login. This combo console is available at the top right hand corner of the homepage and on all the other pages of the site. If you are logging-in for the first time, you will be required to create a free online account by clicking on “Register Now” button and completing a short form. Upon approval, you will receive a “Welcome to” e-mail notification. From now onwards, you can login to access your online profile, schedule a new service request, view the status of the services requested, post feedback comments, view technician comments, view and pay invoices, and much more!

Schedule a New Service Request

We have made the process of scheduling a new service request a snap. To schedule an initial or subsequent service request(s), you simply login to your online account using the e-mail address and password you created during registration, and then you click on “New Service Request” to initiate the process. You will need to select or create a profile for the computer needing the support, by clicking on ‘Setup a New Computer’ or by pre-registering it using the ‘Add/Edit Computer’ link. Once completed, you describe the problem, select your desired service type, and submit. We review your service request and contact you to discuss the options available to you and to take credit card payment that covers the initial 1 hour minimum of work. A qualified technician will then contact you to confirm the service appointment.


You will notice that we have created a listing of the Frequently Asked Questions available on the Client Resource Center and other locations throughout the site.

Search Technicians

We have created the option for you to search technicians by entering your zip code and clicking on “Go” button. This option enables you to view and schedule a new service with a technician you have previously worked with.

Customer Testimonials

As we strive to provide you with exceptional service and support on a daily basis, we invite you to share your recent experience with us by clicking on this link.

Refer a Friend

We have created this page to enable you to invite your friends and family-members to join

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How to Fix a Computer Infected With Viruses & Spyware: By Darcy Aniegbuna Unlike the mainframe era, today’s compu..