Thursday, October 1, 2009

Alpha Antivirus-How to Remove Alpha Antivirus

Has your computer been infected lately with Alpha Antivirus?

This post is intended to reveal some practical tips-and-tricks on Alpha Antivirus Removal. Please use this guide to isolate and remove Alpha Antivirus and its associated files and/or folders.

Alpha Antivirus is another rogue security program that takes advantage of unprotected computer systems by disguising as a genuine antivirus program. It is designed to automatically run false scans and display false security alerts that mislead computer users into purchasing the registered version of this bogus program.

Too many non-techie computer users don’t run antivirus and antispyware suite that give real-time protection, due largely to ignorance or are just completely frustrated by pricey and resource-hungry commercial security programs that are out there in the market.

Once your computer is infected with Alpha Antivirus, this bogus software deliberately displays fake security alerts and reports false system security threats to trick you into thinking your computer is infected with spyware, adware, Trojans or other malicious programs.

Generally, the infection of Alpha Antivirus on computer systems is through the use of fake online anti-virus or anti-spyware scanners. Also, it could be by visiting and downloading free software from malicious code generating websites.
If your computer is infected, remove Alpha Antivirus immediately along with its associated Trojan, malicious files and registry entries using these generally recommended steps:

• Detect and Remove Alpha Antivirus Processes files
• Use Windows File Search Function to locate and delete Alpha Antivirus directory path
• Use Command Prompt to unregister Alpha Antivirus DLL files
• Use Windows Task Manager to delete Alpha Antivirus Processes
• Apply Deep Registry Cleaning to remove Alpha Antivirus Registry values


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